The goal of every business is to get clients steadily without hassles or much waiting time. Either you are a doctor, therapist, pharmacist construction company, painters, etc., if the services you render have to do with booking an appointment by clients, some clients might only be available to book an appointment during the closing hours of business, and in order not to lose these types of clients, it is better to find a solution around this which is through automated online appointment booking.

Research shows that more than 70% of clients would choose to book an appointment online rather than the traditional ways of booking. This shouldn’t come as a surprise because clients mostly get frustrated having to wait on hold, not having available time slots, then having to wait till the business is open to book by phone. This sounds good, right? Offering an online appointment booking online where your clients can book an appointment wherever they are, which means they can be in their apartment at 1.00 a.m. and still be able to view available time slots, pick their desired slots and receive automatic confirmations and reminders.

The following are the ways you can let your client’s book appointments online:

Your Website:

One of the quickest, easiest and yet effective ways to appoint online is through the placement of the “BOOK NOW” button or tab on the homepage of your website. This is because your website is the first point of contact by clients when they are looking for information and the services you provide. With this call to action (CTA) button not only on your homepage but also other pages of your website such as the “CONTACT” page, the “SERVICES” page, will give more opportunities to clients to book an appointment.

woman at a computer

Social Media:

Using the power of social media to promote your business is one of the effective ways of marketing. Facebook is a powerful tool in achieving this; you can easily place a “BOOK NOW” button or tab on your Facebook page and the cover page too, this will make the button to appear both on the web, mobile and app version of Facebook. This can also be done on Twitter by tweeting your availability for appointment bookings and do promotions with your booking link.


The advantage of using email makes it the most common and preferred medium of communication with clients, through email, you can send out announcements, newsletters, and reminders. With this, email is an ideal platform to inform your clients that they can book an appointment with you online. Most online appointment scheduler software comes with an embedded link so that you can put this in your email signature.


This is similar to using an email; you can broadcast your promotional messages or reminders of appointments to your clients by placing your “BOOK NOW” link. This is an effective way of getting clients to book an appointment by using the link embedded in the message.

Blog Posts:

Most websites have a blog these days. If you don’t have it yet, this is the time to get one running. This is because blogging is a perfect way to let your clients know about all the services you offer. It also a way to introduce your members of staff to your clients. When you write a blog post, you can embed your booking link at the end and let your clients know they book an appointment at any time.


This is also an effective way of conveying your services to your clients; you can set up a voicemail greeting that your client hears whenever they place a call after business hours or when you are busy informing them they can book an appointment with you online anytime.

QR Codes:

qr codes
It is called Quick Response Codes in full; this is an excellent tool for your mobile users to access your availability and book your appointments through the use of mobile phones. This is made possible through the bar codes; in these bar codes, you can embed your appointment booking link on it. You can also include this bar code in your promotional materials such as posters, flyers, business cards, etc., with this, clients will only need to scan the bar code with their phone, and they will be directed to your website.

With the above methods, when you focus on it, you will get more clients, and they won’t be frustrated or wait for long hours before getting appointments booked. We can make this possible and hassle-free for you at WEBSITES 4 SA. We can set up a STYLISH AND RESPONSIVE WEBSITE and provide you with the right DIGITAL MARKETING strategies in taking your business to the next level today!